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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New for the Kitchen

Lots of new items for your kitchen have started to arrive. We have all sorts of goodies coming for kitchens, BBQing, poolside and lakeside entertaining, and so much more. From new gourmet lines, to iron cookware, we've got everything you need to prepare great meals at the cottage.

Our fajita sets are now back in stock -- be sure to pick up some hot sauce to go with it!

Maybe give the Blair's super hot, delicious, cheesy sauce a try in your fajita? Careful though, this baby is HOT!

BBQ season will be here before you know it, and new accessories have started to arrive including grill baskets, cook books and more.
Since you're firing up the grill, you may as well try our new line of Aubrey's gourmet sauces in 5 delicious flavours. Oh yum!

Also be sure to check out the new gourmet sauces from Blairs. We've got them in individual bottles, as well as sampler packs of 4. Try them all!

In case you're hungry while your poking around the store we've got a whole line of Blair's chips in stock. Go ahead, we DARE YA to try 'em! These babies brought tears to my eyes....

And for the sweet tooth, we'll be going a little crazy over cupcakes this spring, and the first of our cupcake themed items have started to arrive. Check out these handy cupcake savers -- the perfect way to keep your cupcake safe in your lunch bag! Fun!