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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Panini Presses are in stock!

Hooray! Our shipment of Gourmet du Village Panini Presses has arrived just in time for BBQ season!

These two-piece cast iron skillets come complete with a package of Gourmet du Village panini seasoning and recipe card.  Try one out on your stove top or BBQ today!

West Wind Recipe idea!

Tex-Mex Breakfast Panini

We like to try out all of our products so we brought one of our new Panini Presses home and gave it a whirl this morning and the results were scrumptious!   We whipped up a Tex-Mex Breakfast's how:

First I started by gathering up some farm fresh eggs from our free range hens.  There's nothing like breakfast made from fresh eggs!

This is Henrietta, one of our hens.   She's a happy, friendly girl and the way she runs make me giggle.  Thank you for breakfast Henrietta!

  Grab some fresh peppers from the fridge.  Even though these ones had been cut a couple days ago there were still nice and fresh thanks to our Pepper Keepers which are available at West Wind of course!  These pepper keepers really do work like a charm!
Dice the peppers up, and chop up a bit of green onion while you're at it.  I used 1/3 each of three different peppers, and one green onion.
Whisk together 4 eggs with a little splash of milk, using your handy dandy Chicken Whisk, also from West Wind.  Come on, I know it makes you smile every time you use it!
Toss the veggies in a frying pan with a wee bit of butter and saute gently for a few minutes stirring often with your awesome Egg Spatula from West Wind.
Add the eggs, sprinkle in some salt and pepper if you want, or don't, I didn't.  You could add in a couple dashes of hot sauce if you wanted some zing!  Cook for a few minutes until done, stirring often.
Mmmmm, scrambled eggs.  You could eat them right now, but where's the fun in that? We're just about to get to the real fun, the Panini Press!
While the eggs were cooking I was busy grating some cheese.  I used Monterey Jack and Cheddar, and I grated it using that awesome grater that is from West Wind and is my all time favourite grater ever.  Ever!
Cheese, cheese, cheese.  I love cheese.
Slice up 4 pieces of fresh bread, yes in a pinch store bought will do. Butter one side of each slice.
Place the bread butter side down onto the preheated panini griddle and top it with some (about half) of  the scrambled eggs.
Add a generous scoop of your favourite salsa.  Oh ya, it's looking tasty!
Next sprinkle it with lots of grated cheese, don't skimp on the cheese!  (If you're feeling really naughty you could have also sprinkled a layer of cheese on the bread before you added the eggs so that you had 2 layers of cheese.) 

Take a second piece of bread and place it on top of the sandwich, butter side UP.  Pretend I didn't forget to take a picture of that step.  Place the Panini press on top of the sandwich and do a little dance.  Cook that baby over medium-low heat for a few minutes, flip it over and cook the other side until it is brown and toasty and the cheese is all melted and you can't possibly wait one minute longer to sink your teeth into it.
Transfer it to a plate and repeat the process to make another sandwich because you are not going to want to share this one. 
Serve it up with a spoonful of salsa, and enjoy!  Quick and easy Tex-Mex Breakfast Panini!
Está buenisimo!