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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Dinner is Poured....

.......Will Cook for Beer.....and other fabulous new apron designs by Wendy Tancock are now in stock! These aprons are made in Canada! We also now have Wendy Tancock Design infant onesies and baby bibs! Drop by the store to see this great new product!

Other new items arriving this week include:
  • fun and funky jewelry
  • A brand new line of hot sauces
  • We are now restocked on our very popular maple candies! Yum!
  • Picture frames galore! We now have a whole new selection of picture frames in a variety of sizes and designs, from small picture frames up to large frames to hold up to 30 photos!
Our new line of Canadian Made Pet Products have also arrived! We are now offering Canadian Made collars, leashes, double leads and harnesses, as well as our usual assortment of Canadian Made bear bells, ID holders and other accessories! The bear bells are great for alerting not just bears but other wildlife like deer, elk and moose that you and your dog are in the area - this helps to prevent you coming across a wild animal unexpectedly while out for a stroll with your dog. All of our dogs wear these bells when we are hiking.

We also have new inventory of the popular biodegradable, scented, stoop-and-scoop bags and holders! Lots of designs and scents to choose from, including a new line of Canadian Made carriers!