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Saturday, 26 May 2012

National Audubon Society Field Guides

National Audubon Society Field Guides are back in stock! 

Need a hand identifying that enormous spider that sent your daughter running in terror from the dock? 
What was that bird that just dive bombed your house cat? 

Alright, once and for all: Can I pick a trillium or not?

You mean I've been tapping oak trees for the last hour?

I just ate a wild mushroom.   How long do I have to live?

You mean that retirement stash under my mattress is just pyrite?  But I just quit my job!

A few steps beyond "red sky at night sailor's delight..."

Huh, I was convinced it was a UFO.
Sharks are saltwater, right? Right?

So wolverines aren't really made out of adamantium?

The Banded Daggerwing is not nearly as menacing as it sounds. It's actually quite pretty.

Phew, there are no Komodo Dragons in cottage country!

I've looked through every page and I don't see you here Dad.  Are you older than a fossil?