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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Black Dog Day

One day sale for dog lovers!

It's no secret that we love dogs, a lot. Among other breeds, we have a special love of big, black, hairy Newfoundland Dogs. Chances are you've met some of our Newfs in our shop over the years, and possibly some of the homeless Newfs we've fostered as well. In honour of National Black Dog Day, today only when you mention this post we'll pay the tax on any in-store purchase of regularly priced gift-wear, clothing or artwork that has a dog on it.

What's National Black Dog Day all about? Well, black dogs have a harder time getting adopted than lighter-coloured dogs. The phenomenon is known in the rescue world as Black Dog Syndrome -- dogs with black fur can take four times as long to find a new home than lighter coloured dogs. Many go unadopted and are euthanized with greater frequency than light haired breeds.

Help make this syndrome a thing of the past and share the message to give black dogs a chance. Black haired dogs have lots of love to give!

We're open from 10-530 today so come on by and take advantage of our sale on dog themed gift-ware, artwork and clothing by mentioning this post. See you soon.